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Reliable Healthcare

Locally owned and operated in the Tri-Cities , Reliable Healthcare was founded by two Registered nurses who sought a better solution for the communities growing needs for quality, dependable Home Healthcare.

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Kellen – RN & Owner

In 2002 Kellen, like many others, moved to the Tri Cities with his family to work at the Hanford Nuclear Weapons site. Starting as a laborer with Local 348, Kellen quickly adapted to the culture at Hanford. During that time Kellen learned of the history and legacy left behind by the workers from the cold war era. He also saw first hand the toll working at the Hanford site takes on individuals and their families.  He found a population that was deeply in need of reliable and stable medical care . This spurred Kellen to advance his education and  Kellen earned his degree in Nursing  in 2013.


Since that time Kellen has served as an advocate for current and former employees of the Hanford site. Through his advocacy in the local community, Kellen saw a growing need for a local, dependable, trust worthy  organization to provide Home Health Care services to the Tri-Cities population and Reliable Healthcare was formed.

who is ryanne
Ryanne – RN & Owner

Ryanne was born and raised in the Tri-Cities and like so many other local families, she has a multi-generational family that has or is currently working out at the Hanford Site.  She has lost several grandparents who have qualified and received benefits under the survivorship part of the EEOICP. Both Ryanne’s Father and Uncle currently work out at the Hanford site as ironworkers/riggers and have done so for the past three decades.


After helping care for her grandmother as she was dying from a rare cancerous brain tumor attributed to her work as a Chemical Engineer at Hanford, Ryanne decided to pursue a career in Nursing.  She attended and graduated from Columbia Basin Community College as a Registered Nurse in 2002.  After practicing in the local community for several years as a Registered Nurse, Ryanne decided it was time to help others like her grandmother. Ryanne quickly realized her potential and ability to help current and former Hanford workers through the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP).


Ryanne is extremely passionate about advocating for nuclear energy workers and their families for the medical benefits, compensation and individualized care they deserve! Through her advocacy she has helped countless people from the local community with their healthcare needs. Like Kellen, Ryanne saw a need for a locally owned , dependable, accountable Home Health Agency in the Tri-Cities that understands the culture and struggles of the Hanford worker and the toll it takes on their families. Thus Reliable Healthcare was born!

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